Hosting with Acquia

OIT has negotiated special pricing with Acquia, a cloud-based hosting provider specializing in Drupal hosting and support. This hosting is intended to meet the needs of departments who:

  • Need to host a Drupal website in a robust and secure environment.
  • Want full control over their Drupal website.
  • Have needs that exceed the features of OIT’s Managed Drupal system.
  • Have an annual budget for website hosting.
  • Need additional support for their Drupal website.

What does Acquia offer?

  • A cloud hosting platform tuned for Drupal.
  • A number of server sizes and options.
  • A number of support options.
  • Tools for site maintenance, administration, and optimization.
  • Developer workflow and tools.

What’s not included with Acquia?

  • Site design and development. You need to build the website yourself or hire another group, such as Web Development Services.
  • Site maintenance tasks not covered in the contract.
  • Diagnosis support for various technologies which are outlined in the contract.

Your Responsibilities

  • Selecting the options that are appropriate for your needs.
  • Completing maintenance and technical tasks not covered by the support contract that you’ve purchased.
  • Managing your relationship with Acquia.
  • Making timely payments to Acquia.
  • Not storing confidential data on your public facing website.
  • Following all IT Policies and Requirements (see the About section).

Acquia’s Responsibilities

  • Upholding the terms of the contract.

OIT’s Responsibilities

  • OIT negotiated the terms of the master services agreement that will apply to all contracts between Princeton University affiliates and Acquia.
  • OIT will periodically review the contract.
  • OIT will provide guidance to you before you engage with Acquia.

Getting Started

Email Web Development Services to get started with Acquia hosting.


Other Hosting Options

OIT-Managed Drupal:

  1. Contract with Web Development Services to build and host your website in OIT’s Managed Drupal System.
  2. Build your website in OIT's Template system.

 Self-Managed Drupal:

  1. Host your website with the cloud hosting provider, Acquia.
  2. Host your website on Departmental cPanel. (This service is not intended for high-traffic websites. OIT cannot assist with Drupal-related configuration issues. You must apply security upgrades as they are released by Drupal to your cPanel site.)
  3. Host your website on OIT’s Virtual Hosting Service. (OIT's virtual hosting service includes both a self-managed mode where customer completely builds the server and would be responsible for all security as well as a managed mode in which OIT would build the server and patch the OS while leaving application security and configuration to the customer.)