Terms of Service

Service Summary

This service is intended for the building of University department, program, and center websites.

Service Audience

  • Departments
  • Programs
  • Centers


Department sites are supported by OIT during University business hours. If you have a question about your website, please contact us then. Email webservices@princeton.edu to open a support ticket.

We aim to keep the website systems up and running 24x7. If the system is down (white screens, pages not loading) or performing poorly (pages taking more than 10 seconds to load) WDS will make a good faith effort to restore the system as soon as possible. Please let us know immediately if your website becomes unusable. 

As long as a site in our environment is active and does not violate University policies, we will continue to host that site. However, if a site has been inactive for three (3) years, we reserve the right to remove it from our servers.

All sites in our environment are currently being backed up on the following schedule:

  • Daily for 7 days
  • Weekly for 4 weeks
  • Monthly for 12 months
  • Yearly for 3 years

Please contact WDS is you need access to your sites backups.


We do not provide fourth level domain names, such as name.name.princeton.edu, so that we can force web traffic securely over https.

Specific to the Template System

Ongoing improvements

WDS is continually improving the Template System. You will automatically get the improvements we make to the system because your website is on a shared codebase. On a monthly basis, WDS will notify website administrative contacts and technical contacts of pending improvements. For some improvements, you will be asked to check a testing version of your website. Please make an effort to check your website before the changes are applied to your live website so that we can correct bugs before they are seen by the public.

Use of Testing Environment (-qa)

You may use the Testing Environment to try new functionality and layouts with your website without affecting your live website. Any changes made to the Testing Environment are not able to be applied to your live website. You will need to replicate them in the Production environment. 

On a monthly basis, WDS will clear out the Testing Environment. We will notify those listed as administrative and technical contacts for your website ahead of time.

Custom Designs

If CSS injector overwites work done by WDS, we can retrieve it for a fee. Please contact us.

If CSS Injector overwrites new functionality in the system or the rule is overwritten by a code update, you may contract with WDS to adjust the CSS. We encourage the use of our core themes so that we can ensure CSS Injector does not cause a problem.

Specific to Custom Sites

Custom websites do not get new functionality on a regular basis like the Template System. Contact WDS if you wish to add new functionality to your custom site.

Use of Testing Environment (-qa)

We occasionally reset the Testing Environment for Custom Sites without notification. If you plan to use this environment, please let us know.