Tier 3 - Custom Website Solutions for Departments

Work with WDS to build a custom website if the Template System does not meet your needs.

WDS offers University departments a powerful combination of integrated web design and application development services, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the content management system to create high-impact sites. Because WDS expertise includes the interface and design as well as the underlying technologies, University departments are provided a complete solution. Costs vary depending on the level of complexity of your site's needs.

Browse the extensive portfolio of custom websites designed by WDS across all departments of the University.

    All the benefits of the template, but with the bells and whistles of a custom site

    Why Use WDS services?

    • We maintain the systems for you.
    • We make sure the systems are secure.
    • We strive to maintain best practices.
    • We're cost savings to the University - our rates are low (or free).
    • We have a team of experts who are passionate about making great websites.