Adding an archive of past events

To reduce the length of your events page, you can create an events archive

In the administration bar, click on the Menu button, then select Structure

Structure image 2

Select Main menu

Select Add link

add link button

Fill in the Required (asterisked) fields. Enter Archive in the Menu link title field and events/archive in the Path field. The Enabled box should be checked, and Events should be selected in the Parent link.

Click the Save button.

Small save button

Go to your Events page.

Events Menu

At the bottom of the page, click Customize this page.

button to customize a basic page

Note: If you see the Boxton layout option without a side panel or column, you will need to change the page layout first to add a column or sidebar.

Click the plus symbol to add a new Pane; add either a second column or a sidebar by clicking on the + sign.

Plus icon image

Click Events from the menu on the left

Events icon

Choose to archive your events by clicking on the appropriate green Add button.

Choose Archive for a basic archive of events.

archive view 2

If you are using the taxonomy (classification) feature on your events, you can choose the Archive summary by category option.

archive view 3

Choose Archive summary by year to have your events grouped together by year as in the image below.

archive view 1.

Archive example image

Remember to click the Save button.

Customize save button