How to add news entries to the spotlight rotator

Use the Spotlight Rotator Pane to show a slideshow of News items.

  1. First, make sure your News items are tagged with Spotlight or else it will not appear in the rotator.
  2. Then add a Pane to a Basic Page.
  3. Select Spotlight Rotator and click Add
  4. Choose the options (hint: you should NOT uncheck the featured image).
  5. Click Save

Spotlight Rotator - Advanced

There may be a scenario where you want the items in your Spotlight Rotator to link to non-News items. To do that:

  • Enter the News item and upload a Featured Image. Make note of the /node/# from the URL of the News item.
  • Save the News item.
  • Get the /node/# (or URL of another website) from the page to where you want the News item to link.
  • Under Configuration > Search and metadata > URL Redirects, click Add redirect. 
  • Enter the /node/# of the News item in the “from" field and the /node/# to where you want to land in the “to" field.
  • Save. 

It is highly recommended that you do not mix link behavior in your Spotlight Rotator - the links should all go to News items or all go to non-News pages. This consistency benefits your end user because the expected behavior of the Spotlight Rotator remains consistent when they click on the links.