Testing Environments

The OIT-Managed Template website has been designed to be used by non-technical website editors. All site building and content editing is done in the Production environment.

The Drupal template has three environments:

  1. Development: This environment is used by Web Development Services. It is password protected and is not visible by the public.
  2. Staging: This environment is for testing purposes. It is password protected and is not visible by the public. The content in that environment will typically not match the most current content on your website.
  3. Production: Where you build and edit your website

Staging URL for testing or implementation of a change

There may be times when you need to test a new feature for your website but do not want to do it in the production environment, or WDS asks you to check a feature to be implemented in an upcoming update or new release. The staging environment is only used for testing purposes, and any changes made in staging would then need to be redone on your final (live) website. Content and changes are never moved from the staging environment to the production environment.

To get your staging URL, add "-qa"to your specific site name:


For site names that have dashes, use an underscore