Appearance: Layout and Themes

Layout vs. Themes

A page layout typically refers to how your content is arranged on a page. A typical page layout consists of a header, menu, content area and footer. The template systems offers several layout options to display your content in an effective way.

The theme typically refers to the colors, fonts and overall look and feel of the website.

Changing Your Website Theme

WDS offers many different theme options to choose from. Examples of some of the current available out-of the box themes are listed below.

These instructions are for changing the general styling (aka theme) of your website:

  • From the Admin toolbar, click on the Appearance option
  • To change the theme, click 'Set Default' next to the theme you want to switch to


  • The Himalayan theme is the default theme used for all new template sites.
  • Certain themes with the names of departments should not be selected.

Theme Options

Hepcat Theme

example of hepcat theme

Himalayan Theme

Bigcat theme

Siberian Theme

siberian theme example

Don't see any of these themes in your website? Email us.

    Theme Color Options

    You can change the color options of a theme to offer a different look and feel without changing the theme. this is useful for department groups that fall within the same overarching department.

    Next to your theme, select settings.

    Choose a flavor radio button to see the different colors available for main menu colors.

    Changing the theme color options

    Save your changes.