Add a list of events within a side panel

If you want to add a listing of events on any other page than the Events page, you can add a sidebar or column.

You will first need to change the layout of your page to add a sidebar, column or panel.

See the instructions for changing the layout of a page to add another column or panel to your page, then return here.

After changing the layout of your page, click Customize this page at the bottom of the window.

Customize this page image

Click the plus symbol to add a new Pane.

Plus icon image

Choose Events from the menu on the left.

Events icon

    Choose a view/listing by clicking on the green Add button.

    Add button

    Each listing has a preview window of what the listing will look like when added. Do not click anywhere inside the preview window or you will be taken out of the customization window.

    Click the Save button to save your addition.

    Small save button

    Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of your screen. Never click the Revert to Basic Page default button or you risk losing all your content.

    save button


    Choices for event listings

    All Events Listing

    Events Column Listing

    Events Column Listing

    Full Listing - Exposed

    Full Listing Exposed

    Filtered Events Listing


    Archive View

    Archive View

    See Archive list of events for more information on this view.

    Archive summary by category


    See Archive list of events for more information on this view.

    Sidebar Listing



    Options available to customize your event listing

    In order to customize your event listing, click on the Settings gear button. gear

    You can toggle on or off the following customizations by checking or unchecking each option.

    • Display Featured Image
    • Display Title
    • Display Date
    • Display Body Text
    • Display Location (Location)
    • Display Audience (Audience)
    • Display Speakers (Speaker(s))
    • Display


    Use the Preview button on the right to see your events listings each time you alter a setting before clicking the Save button.

    preview button

    TIP: If you uncheck Display Body Text it is recommended that you uncheck Display Read More... or else a gap will appear in the listing.

    TIP: A common layout is to have Events in one column on a home page and News in another column, side-by-side. For a 2 column layout for News and Events - choose the Column Listing option. The panel must be placed in a column.

    TIP: If you are adding a listing to a side panel make sure to select the correct listing, or you may find that your listing shows "No upcoming events."