Sharing events using RSS feeds

By default your Events will create an RSS feed. You can use this feed to share your Events with other Template websites or display Events from other websites.

Find your website's RSS feeds

  1. Go to the Events page of your website (each website gets an Events page by default)
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the page and click More RSS feeds. A list of all the feeds for your website will appear. Each website generates a feed of all events and a feed for each Event category.
  3. Copy the link (right click) to get the feed URL

Display Events from another website's feed  

In this example you will show Events from Site A on Site B. Site A has Events that Site B wants to show.

  1. Go to the Events page of the website that is publishing Events (Site A).
  2. Go to the bottom of the Events page and locate the RSS Events feed icon. 
  3. The RSS icon represents all of the Events feeds from the publisher (Site A). Right-click on the icon and select Copy link address if you want to consume all of the Events from the site. The address will be copied to your clipboard. You can right-click on any RSS feed from any Events source. For this example, the Princeton home page Events is selected.
  4. If you only want to pull a specific RSS feed (based on categories assigned as documented above) click on the More RSS feeds link.
  5. Right-click and select Copy link address from the Events feed category you wish to publish on your own website. For this example, the Faculty Events category will be selected. The RSS web address is then copied to your clipboard.
  6. Now go back to your own website (Site B). Go to an existing page (or a newly created page).  Click Customize This page.
  7. In the sidebar or any region you choose, click the Plus symbol + to add a new pane
  8. Select Events Feeds
  9. Click the Add tab
  10. Use the paste command (Ctrl +V) to paste the RSS feed link from Site A into the Feed URL field
  11. NEW! (Testing environment only) Enter the text you with to display when there are no upcoming events. By default, the area will be blank. If you wish to show a message, such as "sorry, there are no upcoming events at this time, be sure to fill in the field. 
    Text field for entering no results text
  12. Click Finish
  13. Click Save


  • Events from a feed may not appear on your website for up to 9 hours.