Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the recommended tool to track user interaction and collect basic data from your website.

A Template Site can be tracked by Google Analytics. If you want to learn more about Google Analytics, visit the University's training website (login required) and search for "Google Analytics Essential Training." You can also follow their instructions titled "Get Started with Google Analytics".

Step 1: Choose a Google account to log into Analytics

If you already have a Princeton University Google account, and if you would like to use it, you are welcome to do so. If you would like to create a new account for only this purpose, you can do so for free at

Step 2: Get a Google Analytics number (UA number)

Log in and register for a free Google Analytics service at After you log into your account in Analytics, register your site and the account will be provided a unique ID. This ID is part of the tracking code that is inserted in the source code for your site.  Find your Web Property ID number and copy it for pasting into Drupal. Your UA number will appear something like "UA-12345678-9." Copy this number.

Step 3: Add the UA number to your site

From the Admin menu, select the Configuration option and click Google Analytics on the right-hand side under System.

Analytics image

Paste/Enter your Web Property ID number. 

Analytics image

After the number has been added and Google has indexed the website, you can log in to Google Analytics to start seeing the statistics for your website.

Analytic reporting

Once Google Analytics and your Drupal website are linked properly, learn to create dashboards and reporting mechanisms in Google Analytics. Common metric reporting can be done on Page Views and Visits.

If you want to see results on a specific page within your website, click on Behavior, and then All Pages

Google Analytics image

Use the Page Title option to find your page

Google Analytics image

Use the Show rows: option to alter your view

Google Analytics image


Make sure the PWDS Analytics feature is enabled in your Drupal administration options. From the Structure option in the Admin menu, select Features.

From the menu on the right, select PWDS. Make sure that PWDS Analytics is enabled in the check box.

Analytics image

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