NEW! Adding a Billboard to a page (testing environment only)

Use a Billboard to promote a webpage or content by calling attention to it with a large image and a link to “read more” (sometimes referred to as a Call to Action). A Billboard consists of a title, image, teaser text, and a “read more” link.

  1. Click Customize this page
  2. Click the plus symbol (+) to add a new pane
  3. Select Billboard
  4. Enter a Title, Image, Teaser Text. NOTE: The “read more” button label and link are optional. 
  5. If you wish to reuse the Billboard on other pages, check the checkbox under the Title field for Make this reusable. You must do this the first time you create the Billboard or else you will not be given the option when you go back to edit the Billboard later on.
  6. Select the Positioning and Text Visibility Adjustment.
  7. Click Add
  8. Click Save