Upload and link to a document or file

Inserting a link to a PDF that opens within a browser

Click the Add Media icon

media browser button

Click Choose File and navigate to the file on your computer to upload. 

Choose File Image

Click Upload

Click Next

Click on the document to open it.

Copy the file's absolute web address from your browser window.

Paste the web address to link to the document where needed on your site. By pasting the absolute URL to the PDF, the document will open within the viewer's browser (it will not download).

If you have linked to the file properly, it will show an Adobe icon next to the link.

example of Adobe icon next to link


Inserting a link to a PDF that downloads

Upload the document to the Library using the instructions above.

Select the text that will download the PDF.

Click the Link to content (Linkit) icon

linkit icon

Search for content using the title of the PDF, which will auto-populate files from your Library. Select the correct file, then click Insert link.

linkit search box

The file will be downloaded to the viewer's computer.

Tip: Name the file something useful

Give the link to the file a two to three word name; not the name of the actual file. For example, have the hot text read "Funding Request Form (PDF)" and not merely "filename123.pdf."

Never use "Click here" or "Click this link."