How to add News entries

By default, your Drupal Template site will have a Main Menu item for News. This default page is not editable - to build the page of News items, add them individually by adding individual news items, which you can then list and manage in various views.

news menu image

Adding a News Item

In the administration bar, click on the Menu button, go to Add Content and click News

  • Enter the Title
  • Choose Date of Publication
  • Click Select button to upload an image or select an existing one from the library.
  • Choose an author:
    • If Author username is selected – start typing username in the text field to see the dropdown list of users. This dropdown shows a list of people who have access to edit the website.
      Note: selecting user from the dropdown list is required in this option; after you select username it will append number in parentheses, which is the person's netID.
    • If Other is selected - enter the author name and profile URL/website (URL is optional)
  • Categories – select a site-wide content category (optional)
  • Position Tags controls where news content will be displayed on the site.
    • Featured and Press Release news will be automatically displayed on Featured or Press Release pages.
    • Spotlight news will be displayed in a Spotlight Rotator. A Spotlight Rotator can be placed on the page.
  • Body is the main content of the news article.
    Note: By default summary text for listing pages is the first 350 characters of the body text. Usually body text contains lots of HTML code for formatting, all these HTML code characters count with the actual content text, and in some cases you may not see full 350 characters in summary text on the listing pages, because some of the text is HTML code, which is invisible for the end-user.
    However you may enter your own summary, which will be displayed as is on the listing page by clicking Edit Summary link above body text area.
  • Generate automatic URL alias (Permalink)
    Most times you want to let Drupal choose the automatic alias for the page. However there are times when you want to specify a URL for a particular page. You can uncheck the “Generate automatic URL alias” box and enter your own custom URL. Be sure to avoid special characters when choosing a URL.
  • Authoring information. Contains content creator user and date/time of when the News article was created.
  • Promotion settings
    • Sticky at top of lists – will always keep content at the top
    • Moderation notes – usually used to provide explanation of the changes made for logging and review purposes.
    • Moderation state – the moderation state of the content (Draft, Needs Review or Published)

Ordering of News

By default, News items appear by latest publish date to oldest. If you wish to change the order, do so by changing publish dates.

  1. Edit the News item.
  2. Scroll down to Authoring Information.
  3. Change the date / time.
  4. Save.

To make a News item always appear at the top of a list, use the Promotion Settings and check Sticky at top of lists.

Adding News to a Basic Page or Landing Page

By default the template will show a main menu item for News. The default pages are not editable. If you wish to have editable pages of News or place News on a page with other types of content: 

  1. Create a new Landing Page or edit an existing page.
  2. Add a new Pane to it. Do this by selecting Customize this page. Then click the plus symbol to add a new Pane.
  3. Select News and choose a Pane to add. Click Add. You MUST chose the correct View option and put it in the correct place or else nothing will show or it may look strange.
  4. Change the Settings, if desired.
  5. Click Save to save the View.
  6. Click Save again to save the page.

A common layout is to have News in one column on a home page and Events in another column, side-by-side. For a 2 column layout for News and Events - choose Column Listing option. And then the panel must be placed in a column. Click Save.

TIP: If you uncheck Display Body Text it is recommended that you uncheck Display Read More... or else a gap will appear in the listing.

Add a featured image to your news

Follow the instructions on the Add a Featured Image page. Imagery will enhance your website and help build your audience.

Share your news using Atom and RSS feeds

Advanced users can share their feeds with other websites.