How to add News panels to a customized page

Before adding News panels to a basic page, first review how to change the layout options.

After adding News items, you can display them on your pages in different displays, or views.

First, you will need to customize the page in order to add a sidebar, a column or another content panel.

Click the Customize this page at the bottom of your screen.

Customize this page image

Select a Content panel to add a News View by clicking on the Plus+ sign

Add Content plus sign

Choose News from the menu options on the left

news option

You have choices with which View you wish to display in the Content panel, as described below. Once you have created a few News items (and include featured images) you will see them displayed in each View as a preview. Once you have determined the View you want to insert, click the green Add button.

1. View: Categories List: News Categories


This view is only if you have created and used Categories for your news items.


2. View: News: Full Listing


This View is best for a large panel.


3. View: News: Column Listing


This view is for a column listing.


4. View: News: Sidebar Listing


This view is for a sidebar listing.