How to create pages and add content

As you begin creating your website, learn that Drupal stores every basic page, news article, event, etc. as a block of content called a node. Nodes and web pages are not the same things -- later, you will refer to your content blocks as published nodes.

What is the difference between a basic page and a landing page?

  • A basic page is a node that is static and doesn't allow comments or dynamic content. Your basic page can be seen as a web page, but to Drupal it is a content node.
  • A basic page is an information content page, which consists of title and body text.
  • A basic page comes with a body field but a landing page does not.
  • A landing page does not come with a body field because they are best-used as pages that aggregate content (a list of news, a list of events, a list of people, a list of courses, etc).
  • In general, landing pages are created by default upon creation of a template site.
  • Landing page titles will be listed in your website's search results, however the panel content in placed panel panes will not.

How to use anchors within the body of your pages

Instructions are online and are the same as any other web authoring tool.

How do I put text on the next line? What is the difference between a hard return and a soft return?

Learn to use your Shift key while hitting your Enter key to force your cursor to move to the next line without creating white space.

How do I create special, foreign, or accented characters?

Use the Omega symbol in the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) toolbar to enter the following characters (and more) into the body of text.

To enter them into the Title field, you will need to create the characters in the body and then cut and paste your characters into the title.

omega key for special characters