How to add Basic Page panels to a customized page

You can add Basic Page panels to any page to display various lists of Basic Pages.

It is suggested that you first review how to change the layout options before adding Basic Page panels so that you understand how the panels can be moved around on the page.

  1. After adding Basic Pages, you can display them on your pages in different displays, or views.
  2. First, you will need to customize the page in order to add a sidebar, a column or another content panel.
  3. Click the Customize this page at the bottom of your screen.
    Customize this page image
  4. Select a Content panel to add a News View by clicking on the Plus Symbol (+)
    Add Content plus sign
  5. Choose Basic Pages from the menu options on the left
  6. Each listing has a preview window of what the listing will look like when added. Do not click anywhere inside the preview window or you will be taken out of the customization window. Once you have determined the View you want to insert, click the green Add button.
  7. Click the Save button to save your addition.
    Small save button
  8. Make sure to click the Save button at the bottom of your screen. Never click the Revert to Basic Page default button or you risk losing all your content.
    save button

Choices for Basic Page listings

Column Listing

This View is best for a narrow column.

Full Listing

This View is best for a large/wide panel.

Sidebar Listing

This view is for a sidebar listing.

NEW! Displaying Categories of Basic Page (Testing environment only)

  1. Click "Customize this page" on a page that has a list of Basic Pages.

  2. Click the gear icon (Settings) next to the panel that's showing the list of Basic Pages.

  3. In the Field Settings, check the boxes to show the fields for the categories you want to display ("Display Sitewide category").

  4. Save the panel.

  5. Save the page.