How to add People entries

This section provides information on how to add a person and their profile information to the People page of your website, as well as alter the sort order of your lists.

People menu image

Navigate to the Add Person Content Type

From the Admin Task Bar, click on the Menu button, Click Add Content

add content image

From the list on the left, select Person

Person selection image

Enter Content

  • Enter the First Name and Last Name (First and Last Name will be concatenated and displayed in large font at the top of the page).
  • Image - click the Select button to upload the person photo or to select an existing one from the library.
    Note: The best image size for people is 480x640, this size is the correct aspect ratio to ensure the view won't crop your image, and is also high res enough to still look good on retina displays.
  • Curriculum vitae - click the Select button to upload a CV file (allowed file types *.txt, *.pdf, *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.rdf)
  • Categories – select a site-wide content category.
  • Body, Degrees, Publication Lists
    Note: By default summary text for listing pages is the first 350 characters of the body text. Usually, body text contains lots of HTML code for formatting, all these HTML code characters count with the actual content text, and in some cases, you may not see full 350 characters in summary text on the listing pages, because some of the text is HTML code, which is invisible for the end-user.

    However, you may enter your own summary, which will be displayed as is on the listing page by clicking Edit Summary link above body text area.
  • Contact Information - (Position, Phone, E-mail Address, Website, Office Location)
  • Office Hours – allows you to set working hours for every day of the week
    • Select From and Until time
    • Click Add more hours if office is closed for a part of the day, e.g. for the lunch time
  • Generate automatic URL alias (Permalink)
    Most times you want to let Drupal choose the automatic alias for the page. However, there are times when you want to specify a URL for a particular page. You can uncheck the “Generate automatic URL alias” box and enter your own custom URL. Be sure to avoid special characters when choosing a URL.
  • Authoring information - Contains content creator user and date/time of when the content was created.

Advanced Tip

By default, each time you add a Person content type, the name of the person will link to a detail Person page. You may choose not to have their name be a link by inserting a pane of People onto a basic page. Or, you can choose to have the link created with the Person content type go to another website - this is done by adding a URL redirect for each person.