Create pages requiring University CAS log in

How to enable the app

From the Admin toolbar, select Apps

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Click on the PWDS Access Control app, then click Enable App.

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Once the app is enabled, this feature will be available only on basic pages. Private pages will require a Princeton University netID and password to access the content (non-world readable).

Under the publishing options of the page, check the privacy options checkbox. (You will need to be logged in to see the page, otherwise, you will see the "access denied" page.)

If a link is added to a menu, it will not be visible unless the user is logged in.

If the private page is linked to in a normal fashion, the user will see the "access denied" page, will go to log in, will land on their account page, and will have to navigate back to the starting point in order to see the private page.

TIP: By default, the private page will be behind the University CAS login page. If you want, you can use a customized 403 Access page to notify your readers that they are being required to log in. For example, you can customize your 403 access page to read the following:

"University netID and password required. The content on this page requires a Princeton University netID and password to access. After logging in, you will be redirected."

Protect Our Information

Please consider the types of content that you are storing on your website. Do not store any Restricted or Confidential content on your website. Please refer to the Protect Our Information website for additional information.