Themes, design, and appearance settings

WDS continually adds new functionality to the Template System. If you have a custom theme or have added CSS, your website may not be optimized to use new features. Please contact WDS if you wish to use a new feature that does not display well on your website. You will be provided with a cost estimate to make the new feature work with your custom theme. Otherwise, all new enhancements will display well with our core themes (currently Hepcat, Himalayan, and Siberian).

Navigate to the enabled theme

  • These instructions are for changing the general styling (aka theme) of your website
  • From the Admin toolbar, click on the Appearance option
  • Click Settings under the Himalayan theme. Currently, this is the default theme used for all new template sites
  • Certain themes with the names of departments should not be selected

Hepcat theme

example of hepcat theme

Himalayan theme

Bigcat theme

Siberian theme

siberian theme example

Don't see any of these themes in your website? Email us.

    To add a logo

    1. Uncheck Use site name
    2. Under Upload logo image, click Browse
    3. Browse to locate a logo image
    4. Click Save configuration at the bottom of the window
    5. Click the Home button to view your changes on the site

    To change the color scheme settings

    Choose a flavor radio button to see the different colors available for main menu colors.


    If you wish to override the CSS of the website, you can use the CSS Injector module. To access it, add the following to your website's URL:


    For best practices and practical tips on using CSS in the Template System, see this WDS slideshow.