How to share news and events to social media


The Drupal Template System offers the ability to share news News and Event posts to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Note: this functionality is not available by default. If you wish to use this functionality, you must enable the feature first.

Step 1: Enable the Share Functionality

This is a one-time setup step.

From the Admin toolbar menu, select Configuration.

configuration toolbar option

From the Media section of the page, select Social Sharing.

social sharing

Check the boxes for the content type(s) you want to enable for sharing.

social sharing

Click Save configuration.

Step 2: Create a News or Event Post

When you create and publish a news and/or event content, you will automatically see three social media share icons on the page.

Click on any one of the icons (Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin) and follow the prompts to share the post to your social media platform.


A news post featuring social sharing icons.

A news post featuring social sharing icons.