Web Accessibility

WDS supports Princeton University and the User Experience Office (UXO) in its efforts to ensure Information Communication Technology (ICT) is fair and inclusive to users of all abilities. Here are some resources to inform you on the guiding principles of Universal Design and Web Content Accessibility.

University Offices:

Accessible Information Communication Technology

Princeton University User Experience Office

General Guidelines:

Princeton University Accessibility Principles and Standards

WCAG 2.0 Level AA Guidelines

Drupal Content Guidelines:

Accessibility for Drupal Content Authors - Presented by Damian Sian of User Experience Office (UXO)

Drupal Accessibility Checklist

Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool (WAVE)


Accessibility Checker:

When site owners are editing content, the Editoria11y accessibility checker automatically highlights items that may present an accessibility issue.

On each page, a toggle in the bottom right corner will activate and indicate a count if potential issues are found.

Clicking the toggle opens a panel with more details, highlighting the items on the page that need review.

The panel may also open automatically just after a page is created or edited (if the issue count changed when the page was saved).

Clicking the toggle again closes the panel and removes all the highlights.

Check out our Site Builder Version 2 documentation site for complete details on using Editoria11y.