Roxen to Drupal Migration FAQ

Can I get started on building a website without WDS?

Sure. You can get started on your own by using the Template System. Request a new website by filling out the Template Site Request form, follow the documentation, sign up for a training class, or just dive in and get starting building a website.

How many design themes are in the template system?

There are currently 4 designs, each with 3-4 color options and 31 layouts. 

Can the theme be customized?

You can change elements of the theme including the color palatte, content layout, website title, and logo. If you know CSS, you can use the CSS Injector feature to further customize the look and feel of your website.

What if I want to redesign my website instead of just migrating it as is?

WDS will provide a cost estimate for the redesign work. Then you can decide how you want to use the funds.

For example, if the redesign + content migration of Department X’s website is estimated at $30,000.

The fund covers $10,000.

The out-of-pocket cost to Department X is $20,000.

If Department X decides that $20,000 is unaffordable, Department X can migrate the content themselves. This brings their out-of-pocket cost down to less than $20,000.

What if I want to archive my website?

If you wish to save your old Roxen website, you can save it as static HTML. There are various tools to try, one of which is Site Sucker by Ricks-Apps. One advantage of Site Sucker is that it rewrites all URLs as relative ones. When it generates static .html versions of the dynamic pages and puts them in a folder with all of the sourced images, that folder is self-contained.

If you wish to have your website considered for archival by the University Archives, please submit a website preservation request.

Are there any elements of a website that won't migrate?

There are a variety of items and code that we won’t migrate. Migrations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

What if I don't reply to your requests for a migration / the website's owner can't be found?

WDS will make several attempts to contact you or locate the current owner of the website. If all attempts fail, WDS will take down the website shortly before September 2019.

What will happen to previous Roxen form submission data?

That data will not be migrated. WDS can email it to you as an Excel file if you wish to keep the old data.

What if I already migrated my site - can I get money?

No. OIT can not fund migrations projects that occurred in the past.

What are other benefits to the migration?

In addition to migrating off of an outdated content management system, your website will be migrated to a flexible, mobile-friendly CMS. The migration is an opportunity to clean up your content and check that it is formatted well for the web as well as an opportunity to check that your website content is accessible to those with disabilities.