Tier 1 - No Cost Website Solutions for Departments

The no-cost option utilizes the Template System and provides you with a framework for a content-ready website, using an existing design template. WDS also offers basic modules for publishing News stories, an Events calendar, a People directory, Courses listing, and videos.

Consider the Template System first

Every University department is encouraged to consider the Template option first, due to the benefits offered:

  • Technical skills are not required to build a website using the system
  • Templates are enhanced and functions added based on customer needs
  • No cost if you build your own website
  • OIT takes care of website hosting and updating the system's code
  • OIT performs security updates at no charge

View a demonstration website - to see some of the content types, features, and layouts.

Getting Started

  1. To get started on your own, complete the Request a Template Site form. (login required).
  2. Attend a training class and refer to the documentation.
  3. Build your website.
  4. Launch your website.

Need help?

Partner with WDS to build your website. We offer Low Cost and Custom options.