CSS Injector

The template system offers a way to override some of the style features of your theme by using the CSS Injector module. You can create a CSS Injector rule that you configure to only show on specific pages, or you can add a CSS rule to an existing CSS Injector rule that you apply site wide.

CAUTION: WDS does not support the CSS you write using CSS Injector!

CAUTION: It is your responsibility to make sure your CSS meets University accessibility guidelines!

Using CSS Injector

If you wish to override the CSS of the website, you can use the CSS Injector module.

To access it, add the following to your website's URL: .../admin/config/development/css-injector

For best practices and practical tips on using CSS in the Template System, see this WDS slideshow.


Use CSS Injector With Caution!

WDS continually adds new functionality and themes to the Template System. If you have a custom theme or have added CSS, your website may not be optimized to use new features. Please contact WDS if you wish to use a new feature that does not display well on your website. You will be provided with a cost estimate to make the new feature work with your custom theme. Otherwise, all new enhancements will display well with our core theme (currently Tiger).