The template system offers 35 layouts which provide flexibility in how you layout the content on your page. At the bottom of each of your web pages, you can choose the Change layout button.

How to Change the Layout of a Page

  1. Log into your site.
  2. At the bottom of each page you will see two buttons: "Customize This Page" and "Change Layout". Click Change Layout.

    Change Layout button
  3. Select one of the layout options from the list.

    layout options

  4. Click the Save as Custom button to save your selection.

    save as custom button

Once you select a layout, you can add content to each section of the layout to create a custom view.

Web Design Tip:

As a best practice, you should select a very limited number of layouts to use to ensure a consistent look and feel across the entire site.

Note: The layouts are used for the content area of your website. The header, menus, and footer are not changed by your layout selection. They are fixed in place.

Representation of layout areas. Header and footer are above. Menu is on the side. Content is in the middle.