Menus are a collection of links (menu items) used to navigate a website. The Menu module provides an interface to control and customize the powerful menu system that comes with Drupal.

There are several types of Menu categories for a site.

  1. User menu: Links at the top right of the page
  2. Main menu: The Main menu is used on many sites to show the major sections of the site, often in a top navigation bar.
  3. Footer menu: Links in the footer, first column. The footer menu lives in the footer region of the website.
  4. Social links menu: Links in the footer, second column. Typically used for links to social media.

Editing a Menu

In the administration toolbar, click on Structure

Structure option in admin toolbar

Click on the Menus option

Menus option

Viewing Menu Items

Adjacent to the menu you want to edit, click Edit Menu to see the list of menu items.

Menu Hierarchy (Parent and Child Terms)

The menu items are displayed in a hierarchy structure denoted by indentation with the primary or "parent" links displayed furthest to the left.

This hierarchy controls the grouping of the items in the menu on the site, so be sure to place menu items beneath the correct parent.

Reordering Menu Items (Drag and Drop)

  • The list displays all the menu items in a drag-able list format
  • You can reorder all menu items from this view by dragging the menu item to another location within the menu hierarchy
  • Drag items up or down to reorder
  • Drag items left or right to make them a parent or child term within the hierarchy
  • Your changes will not be saved until you click the Save button at the bottom of the page

Renaming a Menu Item

  • In the administration bar, click on Structure,  then Menu
  • Click on Edit Menu next to the menu name to see the list of menu items
  • Adjacent to the menu item you want to rename, click Edit
  • Change the name in the Menu link title field
  • Your changes will not be saved until you click the Save button at the bottom of the page

Adding Menu Items

You must first create the page before adding the page to the menu structure. If the page already exists go to step 1.

  1. To add a menu item in any of the menus, click Add Link
  2. Enter the Menu link title (this is the text that will appear in the menu)
  3. Enter the path for the menu item
    • it can be an outside link - you will need to use the full URL (
    • an internal Drupal link. Enter the path name of the Drupal page. (Example: if your page URL is then you will enter 'some-page' in the "Path" Field).
  4. Make sure the box next to Enabled is checked and Expanded is unchecked. There are very few cases where you need a disabled menu item or will need to add an expanded menu item, which will show not only the item itself, but also its children.
  5. Choose the parent item if applicable (this makes it easier for excessive menus compared to dragging and dropping tool)
  6. You may also add/change HTML hyperlink attributes in Menu item attributes field set
  7. Click Save

Adding Menu Items (Alternative Method)

  1. Create a new page
  2. At the bottom of the page click Menu Settings
  3. Check the box Provide menu link
  4. By default, the page will appear in the Main Menu. If you wish to nest the page under another page, choose the Parent page from the Parent dropdown. Note: It is a best practice NOT to nest your pages more than 3 levels deep.
  5. Click Save to save your changes
  6. Under Publishing Options, Click the Publish checkbox then click Save to save and publish your changes