How to alter the social media menu

In the Admin toolbar, click on the Menu button, then click Structure.

Structure image 2

Click on the Social Links Menu (very right bottom)

social links button

By default, four social media sprites are available to you within your template site if you enable them. Click the Enable button and add the URL to your specific Facebook, Google+, Twitter and/or YouTube for your organization.

You can reorder the social media sprites by dragging and dropping them to your preferred order.

drag bar highlighted in menu options

To add another social media sprite, click the + Add link button.

add link button

Complete the two required fields. The Menu link title should be the name of the social media site. The Path should be the URL to your own specific page for your organization.

two required fields to complete

For each link that you add, specify the class name in the Classes field, in all lowercase. The class is needed in order to make the appropriate icon appear. Note: If you accidentally adds an extra space after the name, it causes the icon to overlap the text.

classes field for social media option

Click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Small save button

Once added, you can go back to the social media sprites and uncheck them to disable the menu link, or edit to change the URLs to which they point.

social media sprites to enable or disable

Use the following class names for the social media icons to appear (all lowercase). The “general” class adds a Princeton shield logo.


Remember!  Your changes will not be saved until you click the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Small save button