News Slideshows

You can add a slideshow (or carousel) if news posts to add visual interest and/or to highlight certain news posts. This feature is mainly used on the homepage of a website however it can be used on any page throughout the site.

How to Add a News Slideshow:

  1. First, make sure your News items are tagged with Spotlight or else it will not appear in the slideshow.
  2. Then add a Pane to a Basic Page.
  3. Select Spotlight Slideshow and click Add
  4. Choose the options (hint: you should NOT uncheck the featured image).
  5. Click Save

Note: Please avoid using the pane named "News: Slideshow (deprecated)" because it does not meet the University's accessibility standards.

How to change the order of News items in your Slideshow:

The order of news items in the Rotator is determined by the Authored date (when the article was created), most recent is first.

Typically the newest articles show first. However if you want to surface an older article to the top spot then edit that article and check the box "Sticky at top of lists" under Publishing Options. To manually control the order of all items in the News Rotator, edit the articles' Authored on date to today or some date more recent than than another article’s Authoring information date and time.

The Publishing options and Authoring information look like this:

screenshot of Publishing options fields

News Slideshow - Advanced

There may be a scenario where you want the items in your slideshow to link to non-News items. To do that:

  • Enter the News item and upload a Featured Image. Make note of the /node/# from the URL of the News item.
  • Save the News item.
  • Get the /node/# (or URL of another website) from the page to where you want the News item to link.
  • Under Configuration > Search and metadata > URL Redirects, click Add redirect. 
  • Enter the /node/# of the News item in the “from" field and the /node/# to where you want to land in the “to" field.
  • Save. 

It is highly recommended that you do not mix link behavior in your slideshow - the links should all go to News items or all go to non-News pages. This consistency benefits your end user because the expected behavior of the News Slideshow remains consistent when they click on the links.