Sort lists of people using the promotion settings

There are three methods to alter the sort ordering of the lists of people. The following three methods are weighted in order -- use Sticky settings to supersede Queue settings, and use Sort Order settings to supersede Queue settings.

If you are using the Queue settings method, and you add a new person, that person will appear at the head of the list until you add the new person to the queue.

Sticky settings

 Go to the People page of your website.

People menu image

Click on the person that you want to remain at the top of your list.

Person from list image

Click the Edit tab to see the Publishing options for the person.

Edit tab image

In the Publishing options section on the right, check the Sticky at top of lists. This will always keep content at the top.

Sticky image setting

Click the Save button.

Save button image



Using Queue Settings

From the Administration Task Bar select Structure

Structure image 2

From the list of Structure items, select Entityqueues

Entity Queues image

Click Edit items

Edit items image

Add people to the queues by typing their names and the field will auto-populate.

Entity Queue embedding image

Click the Save button

Save button with arrow image



Using Sort Order Settings

 Go to the People page of your website.

People menu image

Click Customize this page at the bottom of the People page.

Customize this page image

Click on the Gear to alter the settings of the People Listing.

Gear image

Alter the Sort order by using the Ascending or Descending preference, or Sort by Last Name or First Name.

Sort order image

Click the Save button

Save button image

and the Save page button.

Save Page image