Ambient Video

Like the Billboards, adding an Ambient Video pane to your page is a way to promote a webpage or content by calling attention to it. In addition to the video itself, an Ambient Video pane consists of a title, teaser text, and a link to the content you wish to feature.

Care must be exercised when using this feature. Videos should truly be "ambient" in nature. Lots of movement, or compelling action, will draw visitors’ attention away from your "Call to Action," defeating the purpose of the pane. There are also accessibility issues to consider, as there are with any use of video content. Videos with aggressive movement or strobe-like behavior can be quite off-putting to certain individuals, and can even be harmful. Please consult with the User Experience Office for more details.

To add ambient video to a page

  1. Click Customize this page
  2. Click the plus symbol (+) of a full-width content region to add a new pane
  3. Select Ambient Video
  4. Enter your title, teaser, and “Read more” text with link (fields are optional)
  5. Upload your video file, must be mp4
    • Note that there is 10 MB file size limit, and that this feature was designed with 1080p videos in mind
  6. Upload your "Placeholder image"
    • Be sure your image dimensions or aspect ratio match that of your video (1920x1080 pixels, 16:9 aspect ratio)
  7. If you wish to reuse the Ambient Video on other pages, select the “Make this reusable” checkbox
  8. Select your desired configuration options for Positioning and Text Visibility
  9. “Add” your configured pane, and “Save” your customizations
  10. You must reload the page in your browser in order for the video to play
    • Note that some browsers have "never auto-play" settings available; the play button must be manually clicked in this case.