Featured Images

A featured image can be added to a Basic Page, Blog Entry, News item, Event, Person, Publication, and Resource Link. The featured image will automatically resize based on whether being viewed within the page or a listing, as well as upon the device it is viewed (mobile, tablet, desktop).

To add a featured image:

  1. Add or edit a content type which contains a Featured image field
  2. Click the Browse button
    Featured Image
  3. Choose to upload the image from your computer or from the Library tab
    upload image or library tab
  4. Save the content type

Some content types provide options for displaying Featured images (see below).

Featured Image Display Options

Some content types allow you the ability the control how the Featured image displays on the detail view. Basic Page, Blog Entry, News item, and Events offer an additional dropdown in which you can select display options.

  • Floated (default - image is positioned with the body text)
  • Full Width, No Crop (image is displayed beneath title / bylines and takes up the full width of the content area)
  • Full Width, Cropped (image is displayed at 100% of browser viewport window and displayed above page title)
  • Hidden (Useful if you have a lower quality image that you want shown in the listing views, but not on the detail view)

Note that on list views, the image will continue to be controlled by your website's theme.

Cropping a featured image

Once your featured image has been uploaded to the Drupal system, you can crop or resize it. The best procedure is to Remove the image, manipulate it offline on your computer and then Browse again for the image, but you are also able to crop your Featured image using the Edit button.

Edited feature image example

IMPORTANT! Once a featured image has been cropped or edited, that image will appear cropped or edited throughout your site if you have embedded it elsewhere. Upload another version of the image (rename it to remember) if you are using the image in more than one place.

If you would like a caption to appear below the image, click on the Edit button and fill in the Caption field.

caption instructions

The caption can be minimally stylized. You can also add a link within the caption.

Caption displayed in page view

A featured image can appear along with the full content display, and it also will appear in a Listing view of Events, News, People, or Blog entries, which is aesthetically desired.

  • Minimum dimensions for a featured image is 200x200 pixels
  • Maximum dimensions for a featured image is 1600x1600 pixels
  • The maximum upload size for a featured image is 2.5 MB

image dimensions example

I'm too small to be a Featured Image!

A featured image is automatically cropped and scaled for each view depending upon the device it is viewed. 

Guidelines about the minimum images size can be found near the helper text when you click Browse to upload the image.

You can usually find out the dimensions of an image by its properties. This image is too small to be a featured image.