File Management

The Media Browser

When adding images to your site (either featured or embeded), the media browser allows you to upload and manage your image files.

To access the media browser click the media browser button in your text editor menu bar. media browser button

Media Browser: Upload

You can upload images from your computer using the media browser upload feature.

Media Browser Upload

Media Browser: Image Library

Once you upload an image, it is saved to your Media Library, where they can be accessed at any time, to be used throughout your site. You can add to your media library whenever you add a Featured image, a Gallery image, or use the Add Media button to embed an image in a page or text widget:

media browser button

The Media browser interface lets you search for content by name, by type, or by tags of your choosing:

screen shot of a Media Library

Media Browser: My Files

The media browser allows you to view and access the files that you uploaded for quick reference. Click on the "My Files" tab in the media browser.

media browser my files window