Image Galleries

Image galleries have been available for some time in our Princeton Site Builder (formerly “Template System”) platform. You may have noticed the original methods of creating them have been marked “deprecated”. In an effort to make Princeton’s websites more accessible, we recommend replacing any deprecated image galleries on your site with ones created using this new method.

How to Create Accessible Image Galleries

Site builders should follow these instructions to create accessible image galleries:

  1. Navigate to the page to which you would like to add an image gallery
  2. Select "customize this page"
  3. Find the stand-alone "image gallery" item, adjacent to the "billboard" and "accordion" items. (Note: Do not select one of the "image galleries (deprecated)" items.)
  4. Once the image gallery item is selected:
    1. Add a title (optional);
    2. Determine whether the gallery will be re-usable throughout your site;
    3. Add images to your gallery; (Note: You can choose to upload new images or select from your media library)
    4. Add a description of your image gallery (also optional);
    5. Select from the various configuration options available
  5. "Save" your content pane and "save" your page customizations
  6. Because the slideshow functionality relies on javascript, you will need to reload your page in order to properly see your image gallery.”

(Note: You can add only one image gallery per page.)

For more information about creating accessible sites in Drupal, please refer to our Web Accessibility resources.