Inline frames (iframes)

What is an iframe?

An iframe is a relatively easy way to embed content from another site into a page on your drupal site. If your content resides in another system and RSS feeds are not appropriate for pulling content into your drupal website, then using an iframe may be appropriate.

The template system currently only allows iframes from sites on the following domains:


Example of a Google map embedded into a page using an iframe.

How to add an iframe to a page

  1. Find the iframe code on your external website
  2. On your Drupal template site, locate the page you want to add the iframe content to.
  3. Click Edit to edit the page
  4. In the Body field insert the iframe code within open and close tags.

    Example: [embed​]Your iframe code here[/embed​]

  5. Click "Save"

Caution: There are a few considerations to be aware of when using iframes. They may not display well on tablets or smartphones and search engines may not index the content within the frame.

Embedding secure iframes

If you embed an iframe into the website, it is important that you embed it as secure content. Make sure the URL has "https" in the URL or else you will receive a warning message. Only https:// sources are allowed to be embedded.