Traditionally, websites display a logo in the upper left portion of the website in the header region. A logo helps to give visual representation of your department or brand. However, this is not required since not all departments have a logo.

You have several options for the logo/site name area:

  • Display Site Name in plain text (By Default)
  • Display Site Slogan in plain text (below site name)
  • Display a logo instead of the Site Name/Slogan
  • Display a logo in addition to the Site Name and/or site slogan. In this scenario, the logo will display next to the site name/slogan.

Configuration of the Site Name / Logo area can be done through the theme settings page. 

How To Add a Logo

  1. From the admin toolbar, click Appearance.
  2. Click the Settings link next to the active (default) theme.
  3. In the Toggle Display section, check the logo box and uncheck the Site Name and Site Slogan Box.Toggle Display
  4. In the logo image settings, uncheck the box that says “use the default logo.”  
  5. This will reveal an upload field to upload a logo.  Upload the logo file that you want to display. Logo Image Settings
  6. Click the Save Configuration button on the bottom of the page.

Tiger Theme

If you are using the Tiger theme, you can also swap the regular Princeton University logo with a smaller shield. That setting can be found under Appearance > Tiger Settings.  Go to the bottom of the page and check the “Alternate Princeton University Logo” checkbox to swap the logos.