You can embed a Tableau report into your web pages. If you haven't already done so, contact The Center for Data, Analytics and Reporting (CeDAR) to learn how to get started with Tableau and create a Tableau report

Tableau Embed Instructions

Go to the Tableau Server at

  1. Open the workbook you would like to embed within your Drupal site
  2. Click Share
  3. Copy the second link - (it begins with “”)

Log into your Drupal site as a Content Manager or Site Administrator:

  1. Click Configuration from the top admin nav bar (under "Manage")
  2. Under Content Authoring, select Tableau Reports
  3. Click + Add tableau report
  4. Paste the URL into the Report Link field and assign a descriptive name to the report (it won't be displayed to visitors). Note that the width is fixed at 100%, but the height can be changed to accommodate the full height of your report.
  5. Click Save

On the following page you should see a message at the top which includes a token you need. It should look like

Paste this token in the WYSIWYG editor on a page, like on a Basic Page. When the page is shown, the token is replaced with the embedded report.

Creating the Best User Experience for Embedded Reports

When creating a report that is meant to be published to the web, keep in mind that your visitors will be browsing the web using a variety of different screen sizes. As such, a report that's created with only a desktop layout won't be provide a good user experience for someone viewing it on their phones.

Tableau allows you to create a dashboard in 3 different layouts: Desktop, Tablet, and Phone. For the best user experience, you should create all three iterations of your dashboards. The appropriate layout will automatically be chosen depending on the screen size of your visitors. Read more about how this done in Tableau's documentation.

When creating device layouts, WDS recommends using the "Fit Width" or "Fit All" sizing option, which will automatically resize components of the layout to appropriately fill the size of the embed on your site.

If it's not feasible to create various device layouts for your dashboards, a horizontal scroll will be added to the embedded report so that visitors can scroll to see the complete contents. Since this is not ideal behavior, WDS recommends providing a direct link to the report URL as a supplement (or replacement) to the embed. Visitors that open the report directly will be able to pinch-to-zoom the report on their devices instead of using a scroll bar.