WDS Drupal template system release notes

The items listed in future versions are not guaranteed nor are their release dates.The reference numbers refer to items in the WDS internal tracking system.

Version 1.40 (released July 16, 2019)

  • Issue #1070: Offer a way to add individual events to Google Calendar and Outlook
  • Issue #1278: Site Admins should be able to edit terms in the Publications Category
  • Plus other maintenance tasks…

Version 1.39 (released June 18, 2019)

Version 1.38 (released May 14, 2019)

  • Issue #1264: Module updates, 2019 second third
  • This release includes maintenance tasks only.

Version 1.37 (released April 16, 2019)

  • Issue #1019: Warn users about dangers of collecting PII on webform creation form
  • Issue #1232: Enhancements for Image gallery slideshows
  • Issue #1248: Make focus styles more noticeable (A11y)
  • Issue #1249: Featured Image Tab Stops (A11y)
  • Plus other bug fixes and maintenance tasks…

 Version 1.36 (released March 19, 2019)

Version 1.35 (released February 19, 2019)

Version 1.34 (released January 17, 2019)

  • Issue #1021 Accessibility: CSS Generated Content for icons visible to screen readers
  • Issue #1146-47 Accessibility: Image Gallery
  • Issue #1197 Add a vertically-oriented option for Featured Images (new feature)
  • Issue #1200 Fix Publications Author & Keyword Links
  • Issue #1216 File Icon in Resource Links should be clickable
  • Issue #1219 Fix Billboard light background option in Safari
  • Issue #1221 Fix News Importer cron settings
  • Plus other bug fixes and code updates.

Version 1.33 (released November 20, 2018)

  • Issue #1169 Showing Sitewide Category terms on People Detail Pages (new feature)
  • Issue #1170 Showing Sitewide Category terms on News Detail Pages (new feature)
  • Issue #1203 The News Feed Importer app should not map categories
  • Issue #1210 Ensure Accordion panes are fully accessible
  • Issue #1211 “Refresh this page” button a small target in Tiger with full-width search
  • Plus other bug fixes and code enhancements.

Version 1.32 (released October 16, 2018)

  • Issue #1175: Display Related People on News Detail Pages
  • Issue #1176: Display Related News on People Detail Pages
  • Issue #1177: Added an Adviser/Advisee Relationship to People Content
  • Issue #1187: Updated Font Sizes for News and Events Dates, OIT Theme
  • Issue #1189: Improved Error Logging and Notifications in the Timeline App
  • Issue #1191: Cross-listed Courses now import properly under certain circumstances

Version 1.31 (released September 18, 2018)

Version 1.30 (released August 14, 2018)

Version 1.29 (released July 17, 2018)

  • Issue #400: Added the ability to add menu links to additional menus (new feature)
  • Issue #1002: Replaced ellipsis after "Read More" link with carrot symbols (new feature)
  • Issue #1093: Portrait photos taken on iPhones were incorrectly rotated 90 degrees on upload
  • Issue #1114: View All links for News/Events broke formatting when not present in Siberian Theme
  • Issue #1120: iCal feed now removes old events, brings new events into Timeline (new feature)
  • Issue #1123: Allow uploading of .xlms file format (new feature)
  • Issue #1129: Enabled Honeypot module for Webforms to avoid spam (new feature)
  • Issue #1132: Basic Page panes now have Site-wide Category filtering (new feature)
  • Issue #1135: The "view all" link for the "News: Full Listing" panels pane goes to default landing page

Version 1.28 (released June 19, 2018)

  • Issue #219: Improve styling of speaker fields
  • Issue #756: Fix display of taxonomy term descriptions
  • issue #870: Improve the page layout for taxonomy terms 
  • Issue #998: Change the label of the Add Text pane
  • Issue #999: Rename Categories vocabulary to Sitewide Category
  • Issue #1001: Improve Publication detail page layout
  • Issue #1058: Accessibility, Calendar pager links are not announced by a screen reader
  • Issue #1073: Allow files with LaTeX file extensions to be uploaded
  • Issue #1112: Add Transliteration module for friendlier URL's
  • Issue #1106: Support new Timeline "sponsor" field 
  • Issue #1115: Updates to the Tiger Theme sticky menu
  • Issue #1125: Improve accessibility of select elements

Version 1.27 (released May 15, 2018)

  • Issue #1051: Accessibility resolution for error popups for missing or inaccurate required fields in forms
  • Issue #1078: Updated the Pathauto pattern for Landing Pages and Basic Pages to be consistent with one another
  • Issue #1079: Added a full width search bar option to the Tiger theme using full width layouts
  • Issue #1091: Publications sorting now uses publication date instead of alphabetical by title, after sorting by year 
  • Issue #1092: Unpublished nodes are included when searching for pages using LinkIt dialog 
  • Issue #1094: Improved the display of recurring Events 
  • Issue #1097: Fixed the "Display Website” for the Person content type in the Tiger theme​
  • Issue #1100: Pathauto was configured to delete old aliases when new ones are generated
  • Issue #1101: Links to People in a grid view using the Tiger theme now link to their path alias and not their /node/[nid] path​
  • Issue #1102: When path aliases are changed, a notification message is displayed​
  • Issue #1103: Created an accessible News slideshow 
  • Issue #1104: Links generated by the Linkit button in CKEditor now link to aliased paths

Version 1.26 (released April 17, 2018)

  • Issue #430: Provide a link to documentation within each website (new feature)
  • Issue #1009: Add field for assistant to People content (new feature)
  • Issue #1021: CSS-generated content for social icons visible to screen readers (accessibility)
  • Issue #1082: OIT Theme Issues
  • Issue #1086: Timeline Location ID not syncing properly

Version 1.25 (released March 20, 2018)

  • Issue #865: Added Sticky Navigation option for Tiger theme (new feature)
  • Issue #1007: Grid Layout for Basic Pages (new feature)
  • Issue #1022: Alternate color, font, and layout settings for Tiger theme (new feature)
  • Issue #1047: Prepare for upgrading PHP to version 7.x
  • Issue #1065: Converted the RSS News Importer to an optional app
  • Issue #1071: Courses importer fixed invalid subject code from feed
  • Issue #1072: Improved Tableau embed support for visitors using smaller devices
  • Issue #1077: Scope attribute being stripped from table headers

Version 1.24 (released February 20, 2018)

  • Issue #341: A randomized image function
  • Issue #514: Fix taxonomy permissions
  • Issue #988: Active focus indicator style overridden for select menus
  • Issue #1025: OIT Theme
  • Issue #1026: Make the main menu drop-down accessible for screen readers
  • Issue #1031: Expose custom taxonomy in the search results
  • Issue #1032: Indexing panel pages for search
  • Issue #1036: Tiger Theme Enhancements
  • Issue #1044: Add Kaltura CDN to iframe whitelist 

Version 1.23 (released December 19, 2017)

  • Issue #651: Improve layout of People detail pages in the Barebones theme
  • Issue #826: Restrict outside web crawler access to Stage and Dev environments 
  • Issue #875: Improve text behavior around featured images in Blog and People lists
  • Issue #935: Add ability to specify the image that appears in search results
  • Issue #962: Improve general image quality
  • Issue #969: Alert users to the pitfalls associated with re-using older Events content
  • Issue #982: Better use of new Events fields (new feature)
  • Issue #989: Styling updates for Webform content
  • Issue #1000: When filtering News Archive content show the specific year
  • Issue #1010: Improve iCal feeds
  • Issue #1013: Styling updates for Accordion panes
  • Issue #1014: Tiger theme updates

Version 1.22 (released November 14, 2017)

  • Issue #869: Allow Site Admins to control how Featured Images are displayed on Basic Pages, Blogs, News item and Event detail pages (new feature)
  • Issue #870: Display content assigned child terms on taxonomy term pages
  • Issue #885: Add Shortcut Menu for Site Admins (new feature)
  • Issue #895: Add labels to Event Location, Audience, and Speaker fields in the Event listing and event detail page. (Tiger theme only)
  • Issue #896: Fix audience Field in Events repeating twice in the Node view
  • Issue #923: Larger thumbnail image option for Events and News items (new feature
  • Issue #937: Ensure sites serve up secure headers
  • Issue #940: Billboard required image helper text update
  • Issue #947: Billboard default text visibility is the dark gradient and better text alignment
  • Issue #954: Refactor The Timeline functionality and integration
  • Issue #957: Increase character count limit for Event speaker's "presentation title" field (new feature)
  • Issue #977: Create class name for rows (new feature)

Version 1.21 (released October 17, 2017)

  • Issue #809: If you pick a parent taxonomy term when listing content, the children terms will now appear listed too (new feature)
  • Issue #843: Publication: Images no longer crop, instead they scale
  • Issue #873: Resource: Added the ability to display images in list views (new feature)
  • Issue #878: A theme called Tiger, based on the main Princeton.edu website (new feature)
  • Issue #902: Publication: No longer displays submitted by or timestamp metadata
  • Issue #903: Publication: Added ability to able to choose whether Publications sort by Author last name or by Publication date when adding/editing a pane (new feature)
  • Issue #913: News: Added the ability to display archived News By Year (new feature)
  • Issue #916: Update Princeton's Acquia Purge settings to only purge HTTPS urls
  • Issue #924: Added an option to display Summary text as Callout text so that pages can have highlighted (sometimes called “kicker”) text at the beginning (new feature)
  • Issue #933: Person: Improvements to People Grid Mobile and tablet views so that images are not overly large.

Version 1.20 (released September 18, 2017)

  • Issue #344: Author role should not be allowed to Publish content
  • Issue #449: Allow title overrides for panel panes
  • Issue #509: Added the option to display External/Personal Link Field for People Views 
  • Issue #655: Add additional fields to the Events Archive pane
  • Issue #688: Field validation when embedding insecure images and iFrames
  • Issue #725: Events Archive can now be organized by category
  • Issue #810: Simpler approach to displaying Twitter content
  • Issue #880: New grid views for Events 
  • Issue #881: Added column options to People Grid View
  • Issue #872: Added the option for Basic Page views to have larger thumbnail images. 
  • Issue #901: Added optional "view all" link to News grid view

Version 1.19 (released August 14, 2017)

  • #850: Created Billboard pane to highlight special content, as an alternative to the News Rotator
  • #804: Updated The Timeline module to accommodate Speaker field(s) 
  • #784: Added option to display content type specific and/or sitewide taxonomy terms for News, EventsPeople, and Blogs
  • #853: External News Feed - Add Ability to show message when no items are in feed 
  • #693: Added new panes to display Basic Page Listings
  • #827: Accessibility: Added Language of Parts support to the text editor
  • #828: Accessibility: Added check accessibility button to the text editor
  • #353: Spotlight Rotator pane renamed to News Slideshow
  • #632: Added a CAS login link to access denied pages to make logging in to access restricted pages more convenient
  • #657: Restrict access to the file system configuration
  • #771: Added the ability to tag files in the Media Library

Version 1.18 (released July 18, 2017)

Version 1.17 (released June 19, 2017)

  • #611: Adding iFrames
  • #783: Updated Event Listings
  • #790: Improved featured images on basic pages
  • #815: Populating Publications Automatically
  • #806: Media update
  • #811: Drupal upgrade

Version 1.16 (released May 15, 2017)

  • #388: Re-evaluate our Webforms CAPTCHA Solution
  • #747: Create Views Panes to Display Publications
  • #660: Accessibility Adjustment to "skip to" Links
  • #795: Update Panopoly to Latest Release (7.x-1.44)

Version 1.15 (released April 17, 2017)

  • #557: Clean up default Landing Pages and Content Panes
  • #574: Implement a more advanced cron strategy
  • #762: External News and Events Feeds Updates
  • #763: Update News Feed Widget to render HTML
  • #765: Update News Feed Widget to allow a Feed URL longer than 128 characters
  • #785: External feeds widget needs a network timeout
  • #786: Provide short-lived cache for the external news feed widgets
  • #787: Provide option to disable page cache on pages that use external feed widgets
  • #769: Update Panopoly to latest release

Version 1.14 (released March 13, 2017)

  • #395, #746: Added taxonomy and image fields to Publications, also a default landing page
  • #574: Trigger more frequent updates from external sources
  • #642: UI of Content Type Categories: general "categories" taxonomy vocabulary renamed "sitewide categories"
  • #687, #721: Enable panel panes to filter content by the "sitewide categories" taxonomy

Version 1.13 (released February 13, 2017)

  • #480: Basic page featured images are no longer individual panes
  • #589: App created to require CAS authentication for pages on a site
  • #612: Feature image enhancements 
  • #628: “By category” archive and “by Audience” archive are now separated for Events content type
  • #633: Images on person grid are now clickable to detail person page
  • #651: Provided people detail pages better layout when few fields are filled out
  • #665: Footer block now has a link to edit the content of the footer
  • #715: Sub-menu no longer stays expanded in mobile breakpoint (OIT theme)
  • #720: Retweets are now displayed with the Twitter App feed

Version 1.12 (released in stages Oct/Nov 2016)

Nickname = Yummy Kiwi


  • #395: Publications content type (beta version, additional functionality and panes to come)
  • #677: Security update for Drupal Core (https://www.drupal.org/SA-CORE-2016-005).
  • #641: Updated Timeline to 7.x-1.0-alpha5.
  • #588: Deployed a new theme called "Himalayan" which will eventually replace the deprecated "Princeton Zen" theme.
  • #269: Removed the prefix "PWDS" for taxonomy vocabulary.
  • #560: Updated Drupal contrib modules (Chosen 2.0, Menu Trail By Path 2.1, Office Hours 1.5, Webform 4.14).
  • #560: Updated Drupal controb theme (Zen 5.6).
  • #560: Updated Drupal libraries (ckeditor 4.5.11, flexslider 2.6.3, chosen 1.6.2).
  • #668: Deprecate Princeton Zen app and its related modules.
  • #444: Removing the unused focal_point module.

Bug fixes:

  • #623: Positioning of the default image added on new site installs is broken.
  • #629: Force all webforms that accept file uploads to store those file uploads in the private file system instead of public.
  • #661: Force selection of "public files" wherever there is a choice for file storage location.
  • #663: Fix Timeline Drupal module bugs.
  • #659: Blog and news authors not rendered for anonymous users.
  • #450: Fix the 'no results' text for events listings to make more sense.
  • #673: Update hook to fix a bug in the previous update hook that placed webform files in a pointless directory.

Version 1.11 (released 14 October 2016)

Nickname = Amazing Jellyfish

  • #342: Site Admin should be able to view any unpublished content added by other roles.
  • #419: Ability to add captions to embedded images within the body (the captions not display in admin view)
  • #489: Footer Text Update
  • #499: Image styles (for positioning) are lost after re-editing a page and saving
  • #528: Blog Panes - sort order not respecting Asc and Desc selections
  • #529: Make Siberian New Default Theme for New Template Site Requests
  • #538: Add more content types to the LinkIt profile
  • #541: Remove Lilly theme from production
  • #558: Princeton Zen migration to new base theme
  • #562: Events: Show Date Before Time
  • #563: Events: When events span multiple days, an extra comma appears at the end
  • #565: Courses Module: Not pulling in cross listed courses
  • #567: Change the wording on the URL redirect page
  • #582: Consistent Content Type Categories
  • #589: Require Authentication For Certain Pages On The Site
  • #599: "class" is misspelled as "classs" in feed.tpl.php for pwds_external_feed module/widget
  • #602: Node Edit Form for Resource Link

Version 1.10 (released 5 August 2016)

Nickname = Zippy Iguana

  • #189 Person content type - name linking to detail view - make optional
  • #275 Accordian option for panes
  • #334 Events consumption from Timeline system
  • #369 Courses: Some characters improperly encoded as HTML entities
  • #404 Improved iCal feed needed for Events on each site
  • #425 Social Sharing: Ability to share a news post to Twitter and/or Facebook
  • #448 Non-Required Date Field Behaving as Required; Not Allowing Form Submission
  • #456 Publication Heading Is Displaying When There Is No Content
  • #465 People entityqueue sort order displays reversed
  • #467 News Feeds widget - pulls from the different RSS sources
  • #481 Current event not displaying on Homepage or event landing page
  • #498 People view pane reverts to "no results"
  • #500 Sharing external RDF feed (from www.princeton.edu website) does not work
  • #503 Create New Theme for Template System (Siberian)
  • #505 File library ("Resource Link" content type) for template system
  • #506 Intermittent CAS login errors
  • #510 "Full listing" pane not displaying courses properly
  • #511 Timeline Calendar view
  • #517 Add git hooks to validate commit message format
  • #518 PWDS Timeline Widget to read the data from Timeline API on-fly
  • #522 Update Drupal Core to 7.50
  • #535 Update Panopoly to 1.38

Version 1.9 (released 14 July 2016)

Nickname = Angry Gopher

  • #378: Grid View for Person content type

Version 1.8 (released 7 June 2016)

Nickname = Bashful Hyena

  • #393: Events can have multiple categories associated with them
  • #397: Event archives for a specific category now display properly
  • #158: Image slideshows available (instructions)

Version 1.7 (released 28 April 2016)

Nickname = Japanese Hornet (primarily bug fixes; including but not limited to the following)

  • #403: Content Nid should not be a selectable option for People Full Listing panel
  • #49:  Content Revisions
  • #328: CSS: Gap below image in rotator
  • #397: Events Archive - By Category
  • #393: Ability to select multiple categories when adding events in Panopoly
  • #394: Administrator role is set to reader
  • #420: Logo Not Displayed on IE10 and IE9

Version 1.6 (released 14 April 2016)

Nickname = Creative Gecko

  • #377: Pages that show a listing of a specific category of events now display properly
  • #411: The year drop-down in forms is now visible even when the year span is 22 years or greater
  • #415: You can now embed a Tableau workbook view
  • #406: Managers and administrators now have the ability to “clear” a page’s cache so that any changes will show up immediately to users who are not logged in
  • #280: You have the ability to add custom footer text to your site
  • #212: Improvements were made to the Person content type and views

Version 1.5 (released 15 February 2016)

Nickname = Dubious Fox

  • #308: Improved WYSIWYG Editor
  • #352: Anchor links are broken in Firefox - Fixed
  • #329: Users should not have ability to move or delete featured images using panes - fixed
  • #346: Hide featured image field label on News detail view
  • #332: Feature image is not appearing on the person detail page - Fixed
  • #361: Featured image is not appearing on the blog detail page - Fixed
  • #325: Move the featured image to a higher location on the page
  • #398: Courses not sorting in correct order in full view

Version 1.4 (released 1 December 2015)

Nickname = Elated Elephant

  • #317: Ability to share Events between sites
  • #327: Bug Fix - Remove gap below highlighted main menu item when selected
  • #347: Bug fix - Courses Migrate module is not importing all the courses for a subject
  • #348: Addition of a Reader role - allows person to preview the site in maintenance mode
  • #349: Bug Fix - User menu to show on mobile breakpoint
  • #350: Bug Fix - Event time in full listing view will no longer wrap
  • #357: Bug Fix  - Courses will no longer show double external link icons
  • #371: Bug Fix - Events calendar navigation skips months
  • #363 and #382: Bug Fix - News RSS feed not working
  • #318: Bug Fix - Events calendar time bug - if there is an event with only a starting time, the calendar view shows end time same as the starting time (Example: 6:00pm-6:00pm)
  • #364: Bug Fix - Anonymous and Authenticated users should not have permissions to Manual Crop
  • #368: Bug Fix - Courses search results not linking to Registrar site
  • Upgrade: Panopoly to version 1.29
  • Upgrade: Drupal to version 7.41

Version 1.3 (released 16 July 2015)

Nickname = Frisky Dingo

  • #288: Added ability to share News between sites
  • #314: Added ability to control the order of people in list views of People content type
  • #312: Reusable content can be inserted on multiple pages
  • #305: Featured image in a Basic Page no longer pushes page title to the right in a single column layout
  • #183: Fixed misspelling of “available” in Courses edit panel
  • #319: H1 usage reserved only for website title
  • #309: Date display is no longer empty in multiple day Event
  • Upgrade to Panopoly version 1.25 See Drupal.org for full details

Version 1.2 (released 01 June 2015)

Nickname = Grumpy Cat

  • #307: A fix for search Reference
  • #306: Upgrade for WebForm - from 3.x to 4.x. For details, see Drupal.org
  • #298: Event speaker label -changed spelling to “Speaker(s)”
  • #297: Events speaker presentation URL is not required
  • #248: Events display improvements
  • #283: Title override - now works

Version 1.1 (released 23 April 2015)

Nickname = Honey Badger

  • Updating Display Suite to version 2.8
  • Added permissions for VBO
  • People Content Type: Sticky at top of lists is now working
  • Events have an Archive page
  • Updating Panopoly from 1.14 to 1.20 and Drupal Core to 7.35
  • Security update for Webforms (v3.23)
  • Fixing role delegation module. adding patch in issue Drupal issue #2051669
  • Main menu gracefully responds when narrowing browser window
  • Improved alignment of sidebar Headings
  • Princeton University logo – retina version
  • Listing headings of News and Events are consistent styles
  • Additional icons added for social media footer menu – Pinterest, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumblr, WordPress, Email, and a general icon.

Version 1.0 (released over the holiday break - December 2014)

Nickname = none

  • Updated to Panoply 1.14. For details see the Drupal.org release notes.
  • As a result of the update, the layout names have been changed (instead of Sutro, you'll see Radix Sutro).
  • Landing pages have been enabled.  Use these to put together pages of content panes instead of Basic Pages.
  • Style option has been enabled for site administrators and site designers. Please use this with caution and take care not to reduce the legibility and usability of your website!
  • Various improvements to layouts and views.