Template system apps

Some features of the Template system are turned off by default to increase the speed and performance of each website. They are called Apps. The following Apps can be turned on if you wish to use them:


  • Description: Provides a method of creating content which is displayed toward the top of the home page and/or all pages.
  • DocumentationCreate an alert

PWDS Access Control

Timeline in PWDS


  • Description: Using MathJax as an open-source JavaScript display engine for LaTeX notation that works in all modern browsers. It was designed with the goal of consolidating the recent advances in web technologies into a single, definitive, math-on-the-web platform supporting the major browsers and operating systems, including those on mobile devices.
  • Documentation: For more information, tutorials and examples, see: MathJax documentation.

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How to enable an app

In order to use any or all of these apps, go to the Apps section of the main Admin toolbar.

timeline image

Click on the app you want to enable, then click Enable App.

Timeline enable button